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The term “RFID Tags” is often used as a general term to describe not only RFID Tags but RFID Labels and RFID Cards. It is important to know which frequency your RFID solution operates at and what type of product the tag be affixed to before searching for a RFID tag. If your application is to track a metal tote you would want a RFID tag that is designed to be mounted on a metal surface (Metal RFID Tags). If you need additional information on a particular product please click on the “Request Info” link next to the product.

An RFID tag is an active tag when it is equipped with a battery that can be used as a partial or complete source of power for the tag's circuitry and antenna. Some active tags contain replaceable batteries for years of use; others are sealed units.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Tags, Labels and Cards operate at a frequency of 915 MHz. These types of tags are considered “Passive” – no onboard power source. The supply chain related mandates from retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Metro require that UHF Passive RFID tags be used. These tags must comply with the international recognized standard set by EPCglobal (UHF Gen 2). UHF frequencies typically offer better range (20-30 ft) and can transfer data faster than LF and HF tags, but they use more power and are less likely to pass through materials.

HF (High Frequency) Tags, Labels and Cards operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. These types of tags are also “Passive” – no onboard power source. RFID applications that use HF RFID tags are typically the applications that require read distances of less than three feet. HF tags work better on objects made of metal (RFID Metal Tag) and can work around goods with high water content.

LF (Low Frequency) Tags, Labels and Cards are low-frequency tags (125khz) use less power and are better able to penetrate non-metallic substances. These types of tags are also “Passive” – no onboard power source. They are ideal for scanning objects with high-water content, such as fruit, but their read range is limited to less than a foot.

Barcode printing consumables

Barcode printing labels, tags and ribbons are an integral part of any printing solution. The quality of the barcode printing consumables can directly effect printer performance, by minimising wear and tear on a printers’ printhead and hence reduce overall maintenance costs.

High quality barcode labels are available in either a standard or bespoke size to meet particular requirements. Pre-printed labels are also available.

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